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CARGOBOSS specializes in bulk and conditioned transport to and from Germany, Switzerland and North France. For all your shipments to and from Switzerland, we take care of customs efficiently. From a few packages to complete loads.

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Conditioned transport

Conditioned transport is one of the main specializations of CARGOBOSS. All trucks have cooler units, which are fitted with loggers that continually monitor the inside temperatures.

Our drivers are highly trained and given frequent update courses in the area of food safety. The transportation of your product is carefully supervised by our experience team and we will continue to do so.

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Daily bulk transport to various destinations

CARGOBOSS runs daily bulk transport to various destinations in Germany, Switzerland and North France. From a few packages to complete loads. We also carry return freight from these countries to various destinations in the Netherlands. One specialization of CARGOBOSS is airfreight transport by road. Our drivers have the airfreight security staff certificate and we are certified as a qualified agent.

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Storage and transit

Solutions are provided by CARGOBOSS for the storage and transit of your products. We have storage capacity of about 5.000m2. When required, we can provide cooled storage. Cross-docking facilities are available and we provide labelling and palletizing services.

For further questions about storage or transit, please do not hesitate to contact our planning department.

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